Craig Barrett




Craig Barrett is an hugely experienced DJ with an impressive track record across all genres taking in the Mediterranean and more. 

Craig has been an open format DJ now for 15 years having played across the Mediterranean in Ibiza, Majorca, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and beyond alongside a successful career in the UK featuring at numerous nightclubs, bars, festivals including iconic venues like ministry of sound, pacha, egg, eden and es paradise to name a few, alongside working on the corporate and private events / weddings circuit.

Craig's versatility as an open format DJ allows him to play across the board incorporating all genres from House-Dance-Trance-Electronic-Club Classics-Dance Anthems-Commercial Chart-Pop-Cheese-70s-80s-90s-00s-Kisstory-R&B-Hip Hop-Urban-Afrobeat’s-Reggaeton-Indi-Rock & everything in between.


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