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Renowned for her quick thinking, and an ability to backup her arguments with relevant facts and figures, Clare Bailey (formerly Clare Rayner) is a 'walking encyclopaedia of retail’.

Clare is a business woman, entrepreneur and founder of several businesses. Having been born into a family of successful business owners, it was inevitable that she'd eventually jump off the corporate treadmill and step out on her own. Today her brand portfolio includes not only The Retail Champion but also The Retail Conference, the Future High Street Summit and the Support for Independent Retail campaign. In addition, she is co-founder & UK Managing Director of Mobaro Retail.

Clare is one of the most well-known and respected retail experts in the UK. With her unrivalled knowledge of retail, high streets and consumer matters, she offers unbiased, independent content - whether engaged as a professional speaker, for broadcast media, for a written feature or as a retail consultant.

Her career began on the fast-track store management programme with McDonalds. She went on to work with leading retailers such as M&S, Dixons and Argos, moving swiftly into management roles before being headhunted into senior consulting roles with global software giant SAP, and international management consulting brand, Accenture.

Clare is equally capable of providing retail consulting to global brands or micro businesses. She is an expert in all things retail with insight into the future of the high street, and how technology is driving fundamental change in the way consumers and businesses interact.

Clare is a regular media contributor and sought-after conference speaker. Often seen on ITV's Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, and Chanel 5, Clare speaks on a myriad of retail, high street and consumer issues, explaining the context behind retail trading results, data and government stats, in a palatable and informative manner.

In addition to broadcast and conference speaking, Clare is the author of best-selling books such as: "The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success" and "How to Sell to Retail: The Secrets of Getting Your Product to Market".

When not on TV or speaking at conferences, Clare's 'day job' sees her supporting businesses through The Retail Champion consultancy. 

Today her brand portfolio includes not only The Retail Champion but also The Retail Conference, the Future High Street Summit and the Support for Independent Retail campaign. In addition, she is co-founder & UK Managing Director of Mobaro Retail.

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