Claire Smith



During an extraordinarily unconventional career in diplomacy, intelligence and security and business, Claire worked in China, Pakistan, Germany and Switzerland for the UK government, Cabinet Office, the German Foreign Ministry and a major Swiss bank.

She brought rigour and objectivity to the international affairs assessments analysis of the Cabinet Office; advised Prime Ministers; introduced new systems to the German Foreign Ministry; negotiated successfully with the Taliban; produced novel problem-solving solutions for a major Swiss banks; and featured on a North Korean postage stamp.

An experienced trustee, non-executive director and adviser in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, her recent international activities include training, briefing and advisory roles in the Middle East, West Africa and China.
A trusted mentor and adviser, she deploys excellent foreign language ability, including Chinese, German, French and Spanish.

As a Diplomat with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, negotiation skills, effective communication and resolving crises were a constant theme for Claire; particularly when dealing with the Taliban in Pakistan and working in China following the Cultural Revolution.

Her keynote on negotiation and problem solving focuses on how businesses and organisations can apply skills from extreme contexts to achieve effective negotiation(s) and resolve issues in an ever changing and complex global business environment.

"Claire's presentation on negotiation was captivating and invaluable. Spot on interpretation of the event brief."  APM Women in Project Management

"An excellent presentation. The lessons you drew from your time in the FCO were highly pertinent to us in business."  Cicada Communications

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