Cate Trotter



Cate Trotter is the Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, a leading London-based trendspotting consultancy.

She has developed presentations for retail clients who may be interested in learning how COVID-19 has affected their industry, how long the crisis may last and how they should respond.

She has pulled out data to clarify the issue - data that may surprise attendees. She also shows which retailers have adapted and done well, providing great inspiration for how others can move forward.

Each presentation will still be tailored to the client and their specific challenges. Sessions can be followed by remote workshops to help the client establish new, positive ways forward.

Insider Trends helps brands such as Chanel, Galeries Lafayette, Marks & Spencer, Metro Group, Samsung, House of Fraser, Lego and EE innovate and create world-leading retail ecosystems. Its retail safaris give clients first-hand experience of the latest trends in action, and introduces them to the innovators who can solve their problems using the latest thinking and technology. Retail safaris are available in London, New York, Paris and Berlin.

Cate’s presentations draw on her personal connections and interviews with retail innovators, as well as first-hand experience of the world’s best retail spaces. Unique, powerful insights are combined with solid data and presented in a no-nonsense way. Inspirational case studies are then used to show how businesses can tap into these trends and get ahead. She is used to presenting to senior team members – Chief Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers and Presidents of global companies are often present for her talks.

Cate’s experience of setting up two successful businesses in her twenties has led to her being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial background also means she is able to talk from experience in her presentations, rather than from an ivory tower.

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