Candice Brathwaite

Candice Brathwaite is a prominent British author and advocate, renowned for her impactful contributions to discussions on motherhood and diversity. Her critically acclaimed and Sunday Times Bestselling book, "I Am Not Your Baby Mother," focuses passionately on the distinctive experiences of Black British mothers. A successful author in both non-fiction and fiction genres, Candice is set to release her fourth and fifth books in 2024, both published by Quercus.

Beyond her literary achievements, Candice is a skilled public speaker, actively participating in discussions and panels on race, parenting, and societal inclusivity for various brands, media outlets, and corporate entities.

Candice's influence extends to television, where she has showcased her engaging presenting skills on various shows, including "Lorraine" and "Steph's Packed Lunch."

With a holistic online presence, Candice shares a range of content, from heartfelt wisdom to highly anticipated fashion videos, amassing a dedicated following of 290k+ on Instagram and 370+ on TikTok.

As a co-host of the popular podcast "Closet Confessions," which has garnered 2.5 million downloads and sold out live shows within its first year, Candice continues to contribute to important dialogues, challenging norms, and promoting positive change in the realms of diversity and representation.

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