Bernie De Souza



As many professions have become more compliant and technical, so many of the important client engagement skills have been left behind.  Bernie De Souza powerfully addresses this to business audiences, to great effect.
Bernie De Souza has worked with international sports teams, Olympians such as Linford Christie and Daley Thompson, and spoken on stages with International Speakers like Robert Kiyoaski (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Les Brown, Australian bestselling author Alan Pease and Big Al (known as the best Network Marketing Trainer), to bring professional results to audiences in several continents.
Bernie's style is fast moving and teaches the attendees word-for-word, exactly how to get more clients without even selling, and results are improved with simple, actionable phrases that bonds clients to their advice.
His presentations include:  
     Communicating for results both face to face and on the phone.
     Getting your clients to relax and eagerly listen to your presentation.
     Getting your clients to make a yes decision before you start.
     Getting professional referrers to get you pre-sold business.
     How to develop an automatic referral programme that works.
As a bestselling author, Bernie has reached people around the world and improved their lives with enhanced communication and selling skills.

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