Benet Brandreth QC



Benet Brandreth QC is an expert on persuasion - the power of language to move, to delight and to teach. An accomplished performer, his workshops and keynotes on putting that power in your hands are as entertaining as they are educational.

For more than twenty years Benet has studied and practiced rhetoric. In that time, he has twice won the World Public Speaking Championships (1996, 2000), been awarded the Richard du Cann Memorial Prize for Excellence in Advocacy and, in 2018, was appointed Queen’s Counsel – awarded for excellence in advocacy.

Not only can Benet do, he can teach too. He is the rhetoric coach for the Royal Shakespeare Company, an advocacy trainer for the Middle Temple and has run workshops on persuasive speaking in places as diverse as the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the offices of Spencer Stuart in London and the main stage of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Benet is also an award-winning comedian!

"Ridiculously funny, breathtakingly erudite"  

The Scotsman

"Heroic storytelling ... raises the Fringe's intellectual bar"

The Sunday Telegraph

"Entertaining and ebullient... The author knows his Shakespeare backwards, rejoices in its wordplay, loves his allusions and has a good time with his characters. So did I."

Daily Mail

"Benet Brandreth ... is on fine, dinner-jacketed form in this delightfully surreal series of tall tales, taking in his (imagined) time as a Hollywood hunk, feted conceptual artist, and rescuer of the Duke of Edinburgh from a most invidious fate."  

The Daily Telegraph




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