Ayesha Hazarika MBE



Ayesha Hazarika is a Political Commentator, Comedian, Author and Journalist with her own show on Times Radio and a ruthlessly honest Podcast called The Power Test; she also performs stand up comedy making her a uniquely intelligent, humerous, speaker at corporate events.

On The Power Test, a weekly political podcast from Tempo & Talker, Ayesha and Political Commentator and Journalist Sam Freedman discuss whether we’re approaching the demise of the Tories’ 13-year run in power, the steps Labour need to take to win the next General Election and how they can positively change Britain’s social, economic and political landscapes.

With Ayesha’s time as Labour’s Special Advisor to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman and Sam’s equally impressive turn as Conservative Advisor to Michael Gove, both hosts have their fair share of experience inside the mysterious workings of Westminster. 

Each week, they are joined by special guests and create a practical testing ground where people, policies and positioning meet political reality. This is the place where traditional party lines are crossed in the shared belief that Britain deserves a better government.

In episode one, Is Labour Ready?, Ayesha and Sam were joined by Alastair Campbell and Kier Starmer’s former Policy Advisor, Claire Ainsley.


“Hazarika’s return to stand up is also public service, never less than entertaining”
The Guardian

“She went down great with the audience, really enjoyed the speech and to top it all, she’s delightful company! So very pleased”
Energy UK

“Relaxed, Mischievous and with a mind like a steel trap…go and see what she has to say.”
Scotsman ★★★★

"Ayesha gave us some real and no-punches-pulled insight into Labour and politics more widely, which is something you don’t hear that often at a corporate gig. She managed to make everyone laugh while maintaining a serious presentation. She is also a very uplifting presence on stage, if that makes sense. I’m a big fan and expected her to be good – but she was superb. Feedback from the audience has been uniformly excellent." 


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