Anis Qizilbash

Anis Qizilbash is a revered Tedx speaker, entrepreneur, author of Mindful Selling and Agile Mindset, and occasional stand-up comedienne, with an enviable track record as a highly effective motivational speaker  

Anis believes accelerated change and uncertainty is the new norm so we cannot operate the way we have in the past decade. We need to fundamentally change the way we think and behave to stay ahead. To address the challenge Anis Qizilbush has created Mindful Selling and Agile Mindset. 

She uses science-backed evidence to help leaders and teams think, feel, and behave differently in order to build healthy mindset habits and achieve consistent results they want in business and life. 

She has appeared in Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Guardian, Psychology Today, USA Today for her insights. 


"I am very happy to recommend Anis as your next keynote speaker!

I booked Anis for our annual Pearson sales conference as I loved her highlights and showreel videos on her really helpful website. For the last couple of years our keynotes, although they have been amazing, have not had specific sales experience and have also, entirely been from the same demographic as in they have all been male. I was looking for a more diverse guest and as I learned more about Anis’ passion for mindfulness, and how this applies to a sales community, I was really excited. The preparation process, including ordering a copy of her book for every member of my team, was also seamless. Thank you Anis for your contribution to our annual event.

Superb feedback from our team include:

“Wonderful high energy…”

“Motivational and uplifting, it was good to hear from somebody different rather than usual white, middle aged male.”
“Anis was great, very easy to listen too, a very mindful session.”

“Found the session very interesting and eye opening”

“Interesting to consider merging mindfulness practices with selling! Some tips I’ll try to introduce to my working day.”

“Very engaging and enthusiastic speaker, presenting some excellent strategies and ideas around mindset during the sales process.”

“Very engaging and spoke some harsh realities we all need to consider.”

“Her session was engaging, interesting, funny at times, and I loved the way she presented everything. I learnt a lot from her.”

“She was lovely to listen to. Very energetic, learned a lot from her!”

Sales Director, Pearson

Since your keynote, I am hearing a lot of people talking about mindfulness and how they are trialling it with the headspace app so it sounds like your talk really resonated with people.

Regional Marketing Manager, Axis Communications

A fantastic speaker – thorough, dedicated and insightful. We spoke in advance to talk through my ‘vision’ and Anis immediately came up with the ideas on what to talk about and how to deliver it. She delivered the presentation faultlessly, was extremely authentic and our audience of business owners from a variety of sectors and business size found her [and I quote] “inspiring and uplifting."

Paula Kemp, Breakthrough Business Manager, Santander UK

Since [attending your webinar] I have practiced meditation every day and it’s proven not only to keep me focussed and upbeat while being kinder to myself but I am all the more enjoying the simple pleasures of life and it is these small things which are in fact the big things. With all of this happening, I have naturally begun to eat more healthily, take regular exercise and drink less alcohol. I have even started to read a book which I hadn’t done in so long as my mind was too full and unable to focus. Absolutely [recommend] the session, it’s had a significantly positive impact on my well-being.

J. Carter, Director of Hestias

"Anis was a keynote speaker at our London CXFO Conference. She was brilliant, engaged the audience from the first minute to the last, getting them involved and displaying a knowledge of her subject few can match. Her speech has been a highly commended in the audience receiving fantastic feedback from everyone there. As a public speaker myself I was surprised and delighted by her energy clarity and the way she commanded the attention of everyone in the room. She certainly taught me several lessons. She is a consummate professional and I wholeheartedly recommend her both as a speaker and as an expert in applying mindfulness in practical ways that change outcomes for organisations. She has completely changed my view on the subject and if you have the chance to hear her……I am sure she will change yours.

Morris Pentel, Chairman, CXFO


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