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Angela Lamont has over 200 BBC TV shows to her name capitalizing on her knowledge of technology, including space, fusion, AI, sustainability, cybersecurity and fintech; unsurprisingly, she is in great demand as a speaker or host at conferences worldwide. 

Angela has a First Class Honours Degree in Systems Analysis and Accountancy; she is also a member of MENSA. Before joining the BBC she worked in the private sector. By the age of 25ys Angela was the youngest ever female Manager at British Gas!

Angela has stayed up to date with IT at every level. She was even invited once to judge the Turing Test - the most famous AI prize. These qualities, coupled with a bubbly enthusiastic personality, make Angela an ideal chairperson who can interview in depth at conferences, webinars or blogging.

Panels become passionate chats, speakers feel able to give their best and audiences leave knowing how they can make a real difference.

A broadcaster with over 200 BBC TV shows to her name (plus a BAFTA), including “It’ll Never Work?”, “Fragile Planet” and "The Network”, Angela also loves to engage with live audiences, having hosted over 500 conferences, award ceremonies and live events.  

Her clients include CERN, ESA, Ericsson, Experian, IEE, Lloyd’s Register, The Open University and UKAEA among many others.  Her ability to handle (and pronounce!) complex scientific, financial and technical topics is legendary and she has hosted conferences from a select few at Buckingham Palace, to 14,000 in Copenhagen.  

As well as live events, Angela hosts live streams, either from a studio location or from her own dedicated studio and tech gallery at home, where her team can provide you with an entire live streamed conference or chat show.

Her talent lies in bringing out the best in both your audience and speakers so your event is meaningful, memorable and acts as a catalyst for change.  She has clocked up nearly 30 years in the industry and is unflappable, approachable and ridiculously well prepared!

Angela's keynotes are born out of being a hard-working techie when she left university.  They show the incredible world-changing events that those in tech can witness … and yet the blood, sweat and tears that the individuals put into making the new tech world turn.  

They’re aimed, not at surviving, but thriving on change.  And with keynote names such as “It Shouldn’t Happen To A Geek” and “How to Lose 10lb, get whiter teeth, save the planet and improve your sex life just by following this one weird tip”, they are packed with laughs, too!

"Orange were delighted with Angela's contribution, her professionalism and her involvement in the events...For my part, I would also like to add that it was a real pleasure to work with her - she really got involved with the subject matter and was a very valuable member of the whole team."

Blueprint Partners on Angela Lamont who hosted a roadshow for Orange

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