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Andy is a well known television presenter, featuring on the BBC‘s Cloud Lab, Operation Iceberg, Coast, and is a regular face on The One Show and The People Remember.  
After completing a degree in Zoology Andy spent 10 years in the British Forces as a Paratrooper, Diver and Bomb Disposal Officer. He is also a highly qualified mountaineering and climbing instructor and trained skydiver, and he recently jumped solo from 28,000ft over the Arizona desert.
With his unique skill and knowledge set, Andy is a brilliant and experienced speaker, drawing on his experiences as a soldier and bomb disposal officer on operations, and as a diver, climber and adventurer.  
Andy‘s corporate and motivational presentations cover a variety of topics including:
             The Reality of Risk - Looking at how to accurately assess the real, not perceived, and important dangers; then managing, mitigating and accepting the those risks. Using his personal stories and reflections on how even the most impossible and high risk tasks can be undertaken and completed safely.
             An Analysis of Fear -  Fear can manifest itself from sudden panic to long term anxiety. Andy looks at how to use it and deal with it and the situations that cause it. This is a personal view of how Andy has dealt with everything from diffusing bombs in Iraq to deep solo cave diving expeditions and high altitude skydiving.
             Overcoming Obstacles and Problem Solving - A Practical guide to 7 simple techniques Andy has employed throughout his military and adventure career which has seen him succeed and survive through some extreme projects and situations.
             Teamwork -Team dynamics, leadership, the need for the Team and when it‘s actually better to go Solo.
             Motivation - Setting goals, self-discipline, taking responsibility and promoting a positive, excuse-free attitude.
As well as motivational and team building talks Andy also gives entertaining presentations on some of his hair-raising exploits and adventures.
Andy was absolutely brilliant and really helped the conference. He was inspiring and so interesting, he captured everyone's attention and had some really good, strong motivational statements. He really got us all thinking."  - Head of UK Field Sales, Vax Ltd 
"We booked Andy to speak after a formal lunch for a large professional society. His talk was very different, compelling, nerve wracking, but also human and really funny. He had everyone on the edge of their seats one moment and laughing the next. The feedback from absolutely everyone afterwards was terrific."    Society of Construction Law

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