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Andy Hanselman is a business improvement specialist, author, consultant, speaker and an expert on customer service, culture and competitiveness.
He helps businesses improve their competitiveness, their customer service and their culture by ˜Thinking in 3D‘ - that means being Dramatically and Demonstrably Different from your competitors!
Andy has over 25 years experience researching, working with, learning from and speaking about successful winning businesses. This has helped him identify 7 common characteristics in successful 3D Businesses that help them get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors. 
His latest book is 'Think in 3D! The 7 Characteristics of Dramatically and Demonstrably Different Businesses'.
Andy's presentations are engaging, humorous, and down to earth and his stimulating, motivational and practical style offers real solutions. He tailors his message for the audience and his style is participative, fast paced, with a bit of humour thrown in too. He thrives on interacting with people ensuring  they are challenged, stimulated and motivated.
He has worked with blue chip companies and businesses including Tommy Hilfiger, Santander, Jelf, Roche Pharmaceuticals, B Braun, Parkdean Holidays, Asda, Ronseal and Aggregate Industries.
Andy's speaking topics include:
¢ Creating Customer Delight! 
How 3D Businesses deliver remarkable customer service consistently. Real  insights and examples of businesses that ˜wow‘ their customers and exceed their expectations.  
¢ Think in 3D! 
Winning businesses establish a ˜Dramatic Difference˜, and crucially, ˜Demonstrate˜ it  to ensure they ˜stand out from the crowd‘
¢ Valuing Our Values!
How 3D Businesses establish, promote and reinforce  a culture (˜the way we do things around here‘) that creates real competitive advantage.
¢ The 7 Characteristics Of 3D Businesses
An insight in to what Dramatically and Demonstrably Different businesses do and how they do it to get ahead, and stay ahead, of their competitors.
¢ Leadership The 3D Way! 
The key characteristics that differentiate 3D leaders from the rest it‘s about establishing a vision that ˜stimulates, excites and inspires‘ and getting buy in from their people.  
¢ Forget CRM, Think MCR! Maximise Your Customer Relationships!
3D Businesses proactively give the best to, and get the best from their customers to maximise relationships, opportunities, repeat business and referrals! This session highlights how they do it. 
¢ Make Things Better That‘s InnovatiON!
Andy‘s definition of innovation is ˜the successful exploitation of new ideas‘ 
¢ Revolutionise Your Bottom Line!
How 3D Businesses do it. No spreadsheets or financial trickery, but real proven processes for improving profitability and getting everyone profit focused.

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