Andrew Wilson



Andrew Wilson is a veteran TV news anchor and Foreign Correspondent. He is also an experienced facilitator, keynote speaker and skills trainer.

Andrew spent ten years on the road as a foreign correspondent running bureaux for Sky News in Washington, Jerusalem and Washington DC. He then spent another decade in the studio anchoring the channel’s 5 O’clock News which won the RTS award for best current affairs and news program in 2016.

Andrew has covered almost every major conflict around the world, from the first Gulf War to the ousting of Gaddafi in Libya, taking in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Haiti, Kosovo, Georgia and Hurricane Katrina on the way. Much of his work has focused on environmental issues.

He has covered three US presidential elections, was with the first wave of reporters to cross overland into Kabul in 2001, and at the beginning of his career watched the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

As well as the RTS, his work has been nominated for 3 BAFTA awards, and won trophies at the NY TV festival and the Monaco Golden Nymph Awards.

Andrew is a partner in media consultancy A2 Media. Since leaving Sky he has presented numerous business and current affairs shows and documentaries including the Spotlight interview series and ‘Hacked’ for Thomson Reuters in 2017. He is a contributing member of the Westminster think tank Global Strategies Forum.

He presents corporate TV and Social Media productions and is frequently called on to facilitate debates and conferences in academic, industry and policy arena. He also runs presentation skills workshops for organizations and individuals.

Born in Iraq and raised in Qatar, Andrew served a brief spell as an Army Officer and has spent his life living and travelling all over the world.



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