Amy Beeton



Amy Beeton is the only British woman to have climbed on K2 the infamous Savage Mountain¬Ě - and come back alive.  She is among only a handful of British women to have reached the summit of Everest, but this feat was all the more impressive because she had had a serious operation just five weeks before leaving.  Her story of leaving hospital early and forcing herself over hills with a 40kg pack just days later, is the stuff of legend. 
Her determination, willpower and optimism have enabled Amy to succeed and survive in some of the most hostile places on earth - factors that are as relevant in the corporate world as in the mountains.
Amy can motivate her audiences to identify their goals and find the confidence and commitment that can turn dreams into reality. Her unique blend of humour, warmth and gripping storytelling entertains, amazes and inspires, leaving her listeners re-energised and re-equipped to meet and overcome their own life challenges. 
Amy holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Osteopathy. She runs a busy osteopathy clinic in the South Lake District. She is also a talented musician.
Her passion for ice, rock and altitude has taken her around the world, from Alaska to the Andes, from the Caucasus to the Karakoram, the Himalayas and the Annapurnas.
Amy is a compelling and inspirational speaker who can fire up an audience to break the mold and achieve new horizons en route to finding their personal and professional fulfillment.

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