Alexandra Shulman



Alexandra’s Shulman's knowledge and expertise as a leader in a global corporation, as well as her role in transforming Vogue into a digital brand makes her an inspirational speaker. 

She was the longest reigning editor of British Vogue and edited it for over 25 years, through a quarter of its existence and through its period of highest-ever circulation, and its simultaneous transformation into a global digital brand.  

Alexandra is a leader in her field and speaks with a business perspective, encompassing her expertise of leadership, teamwork and success. 

She has a wealth of knowledge about personal development and being a leader in the journalism industry.  

As one of the country’s most quoted voices on fashion trends, she has been awarded BSME Editor of the Year, PPA Editor of the Year, the WGSN Future Outstanding Achievement award and granted an OBE for her services to the magazine industry. 

Alexandra has played an important role in shaping our understanding of fashion and is an inspiring and sought-after corporate speaker.

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