Alan Clayton



Alan has been a professional inspirational and motivational speaker for more than a decade.  His point of view is that real inspiration is needed more now than it ever has.  His subject is how to create real, action orientated inspiration and apply it to greater achievement, driven leadership and powerful communications.
Alan does more than just inspire people he teaches them how to create inspiration, focus and motivation for themselves. 
Originally scientifically trained, Alan‘s career has been in the creative side of small business.  His first business was a highly successful marketing agency in London.  This started from zero and successfully sold in 2007.  Since then he has created and run small businesses in events, consulting, marketing, hospitality and micro-investment.  He has consulted and intervened with many more businesses and charities, specialising in start-ups, turn-rounds and growth acceleration.
Alan‘s consulting, coaching and inspirational speaking career has seen him work with over three hundred clients in more than twenty countries.  He has provided keynote speeches at over twenty conferences as well as workshops and masterclasses ranging from ninety minutes to three days.
Alan is known for cut-through insights, uncompromising leadership, intense storytelling and biting humour. His presentation style combines intellectual content with emotional power and energy, leaving delegates with a buzz they won‘t forget.
Special moments in Alan‘s speeches focus on ˜How to be inspired when it all goes wrong‘ and he has a powerful life story to emphasise this aspect of inspiration, having overcome cancer, mental illness, pending bankruptcy and obesity.   
Alan‘s speaking and events are backed up by a small team of researchers, constantly seeking and developing the newest content.
He is based at the Inchnacardoch Lodge, Loch Ness, Scotland with his partner Malene and young son, Tor.  He is an enthusiastic mountaineer, golfer and powerboat skipper in his limited spare time.

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