Ade McCormack



Ade is a former technologist with a degree in astrophysics. Initially as a software engineer he worked in variety of sectors, including Space Science (European Space Agency), Defence (Ministry of Defence), Emergency Services (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) and Finance (Credit Suisse).

He then spent several years demystifying technology for business people. Today he advises organisations, particularly business leaders, in respect of digital readiness.

Ade has a ‘bits to boardroom’ grasp of the challenges organisations face today, as well as an approach that converts uncertainty and volatility into business growth and sustainability.

Ade is focused on helping organisations and their people thrive in the digital age.

He is often referred to as a digital strategist and near-futurist. The latter because every post-industrial revelation he shares is happening somewhere. Ade’s digital strategy perspectives embrace macroeconomics, technology, anthropology, biology and human performance. Consequently, his keynotes are considered mind-moving and deeply engaging. He is often asked to be the opening keynoter because his perspectives set the tone for the event.

Ade has worked with events ranging in size from summits, with audiences of multiple thousands, through to more intimate dinners where the numbers can be of low as single digit. His typical audience comprises leaders and managers. He has also spoken in front of / shared the stage with senior ministers at governmental and intergovernmental gatherings. In contrast, Ade has presented to young people who are seeking guidance on their career options.

As the world lumbers towards an increasingly uncertain future, his messages resonate with all people who are concerned about their future economic relevance.

Keynote talks could include the following:

Tribal Business – The tribe is the most successful human operating model of all time. It is optimised for uncertainty and volatility. Ade makes the case and provides an approach to repurpose our organisations accordingly.


Digital Leadership – The traditional command and control model of industrial age leadership is no longer fit for purpose. The death of strategy and the rise of situational awareness as being a key organisational attribute requires a new type of data-driven leader. Having highlighted the need for change, Ade provides insights on how to become a digital age leader.

Business 4.0 – There have been three major revolutions and we now in the midst of the fourth. It is more profound than the much-used ‘Fourth industrial revolution’ term would suggest. Ade clarifies the distinction between digitalisation and digital transformation. He provides guidance on the strategic, operational and personal changes the audience needs to make in order to thrive in the digital age.

Anthroeconomics – There are a number of macroeconomic trends that are shaping the world we live in. The one that is most overlooked is how people are rejecting the constraints of the industrial era and gravitating towards an approach that has more in common with the work practices of our pre-industrial ancestors. Ade identifies the associated anthropological drivers and shows how they, combined with emerging technologies such as AI, are shaping the future of business models, work and leadership.

Talent 4.0 – The war for talent is well underway. McKinsey and Co. identified this many years ago. But one would be tempted to think that this is no longer an issue as technology automates blue collar work and even ‘blue collarises’ white collar work. However, there is a new breed of talent emerging that harnesses their cognitive capabilities to create market-pleasing value that cannot be imitated by robots or algorithms. Ade will introduce you to this new breed of talent and explain what you can do to attract and retain it. And perhaps more importantly, Ade will provide guidance as to how you become this talent.


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