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Adam Kingl has a career spanning an impressive range of industries including entertainment, consulting, and education. He has spent decades working in innovation, strategy, culture and leadership. 

Adam is a highly respected expert on generational paradigms in the workplace, creativity, strategic and management innovation, the future of work, leadership and culture, and fulfilling organisational and personal purpose.

Adam is Adunct Faculty at Ashridge -Hult International Business School. Prior to this he has been the Regional Managing Director for Duke Corporate Education, the Executive Director of Thought Leadership and Learning Solutions for London Business School (LBS) and was also an associate at Saatchi & Saatchi and the Management Innovation Exchange. He has also worked for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), providing accreditation and creating standards for corporate universities and learning functions as a member of the CLIP (Corporate Learning Improvement Process) steering committee.

Adam is passionate about leadership for what’s next and authored a book on this topic, Next Generation Leadership which came out this February 2020.

He is a regular keynote speaker and conference facilitator and speaks with warmth and compassion, encouraging organisations to have different and better conversations, creating a simple and approachable path to transforming business success. 

Adam contributes as a writer and expert interviewee to: The Financial Times, Sunday Times, Forbes, Fortune, The Guardian and Fast Company, among many others.

He is also comfortable and experienced delivering all his topics virtually and as webinars.

If you'd like to watch one of Adam’s current keynote talks onThe Evolution of Capitalism: How and why business as usual is no longer acceptable.” check it out on our Speaker Taster Sessions page here:

Other keynotes Adam that currently delivers as follows:

Strategic Innovation in a COVID World

Those companies will to disrupting their industry with new business models more relevant in a COVID world will survive and thrive. We often hear about innovation in the context of inventing new products or services. One of the innovation levers of senior executives, one which can be even more powerful in transforming business success, is reinventing one’s business model. The implications of strategic innovation can be profound for customers, employees and communities, particularly if they demonstrate the authenticity and honesty to respond to the context of an uncertain world amidst a pandemic. We will explore how to do so.

Adaptability in a COVID World

We all know that we are living through an age of unprecedented rates of change. We are all well versed in narratives about landscape shifts, industry disruptions, strategy redundancies.  However, familiarity with the challenge does not necessarily equal a solution. What do we as individuals need to navigate these waters? What skills do leaders especially need to develop to keep their organisations relevant and successful in the 21st century? 




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