Adam Gray



Adam Gray is a marketing and social media consultant to a number of large companies and speaks to corporate and business groups about why their marketing doesn't work.

A successful marketing strategist, and out of the box thinker, he refuses to believe in the natural order of things and always searches for a better way.

His “real world experience began when he launched a retail business in Knightsbridge (opposite Harrods) where he experienced the thrill of getting the message right, and the danger of getting it wrong!

Fascinated by buying patterns, how people could be influenced and the conclusions they drew,  he sold his business and joined the world of marketing. After learning the ropes he worked his way up, gaining experience of small niche agencies, top 10 agencies and start-ups, as well as working for clients.

Adam has worked on campaigns in the UK, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa, and with numerous small companies and some of the world's best known brands (Starbucks, Canon, Green Flag, T-Mobile, Unilever, Coutts Bank, Prudential, Deutschebank, Sainsbury's and BAA).  But for years he had doubts about the effectiveness of the old marketing model and began looking at why this was the case, why marketing is fundamentally broken, and what could be done to change things.

He has come to his own conclusions about what will take the place of traditional marketing as companies gradually tire of spending more and more money to get less and less return. He also breaks down the fears many people have of Social Media (that it isn't just Facebook and Twitter!) and explains what benefits social media can bring to business. 

Adam also runs workshops and seminars about social media and how it represents the future of social communications.  His book 'Brilliant SocialMedia: How to Start, Refine and Improve Your Social Business Media Strategy (Brilliant Business) was published in 2013 .

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